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The Lakers has poor 2k16 MT performance

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Posted on: 09/11/15
The Lakers has poor 2k16 MT performance in the last two seasons. What is the problem? 2kvc think that their coach Byron Scott is too outdated. If you want to buy NBA 2k16 MT, 2kvc is a good choice, fast and cheap.

Scott's ability is weak? Objectively speaking, it is still ok. But the problem is that Scott's ideas have become obsolete now. He does not fit today's Lakers. The Lakers also need a more modern coach to coach.

University of Florida extension Chris Walker by training camp contract. If Walker can perform well in the training camp and preseason, he may be likely to stay with the team. However, there will be less possibility for Cheap NBA 2k15 MT him to stay if he could not perform perfectly in the backcourt.


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